Waiting for Snow

I didn’t get the chance to blog yesterday so a quick recap of Friday would look something like this:

Morning = Space Puzzle
Afternoon = Soft Play Centre with Friends

Sorry no pictures, children too busy playing.
Evening = Space Odyssey DVD
And so on to today, Saturday.  We are waiting for snow to arrive. The Met office forecast now says it’s coming tonight so we anticipate waking to a blanket of white tomorrow.  I doubt that it will be as pretty a picture here as it was when were lived in rural Suffolk – that really was just like a scene from a Christmas card.  It was also the last time we saw snow, missing last year’s white stuff as we were gallivanting in Spain instead.
Fairly messy morning spent painting planets for a solar system.  It’s nothing fancy, just a little kit each for the children made out of polystyrene balls assembled with sticks.  As with most of these activities we start of fairly enthusiastically but often the little ones lose interest and become irritable but still we had a go.

I think everyone is fairly tired today due to a late night which came on the back of an afternoon’s play with friends at the play centre resulting in the little ones falling asleep in the car on the way back.  They only need 15 minutes and it means they don’t go to sleep til late which then disrupts the flow for a couple of days.

The rest of the day has been Wii, Roblox, getting Daddy to push us around in a wheelbarrow and the odd bit of tidying up and preparing a chicken chilli for dinner for me.  That’s all folks……


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