Windy Blue Skies

Past 48 hours has demonstrated well the unpredictable, changeable and mixed up weather that we have here in the UK. Beautiful blue skies, heaps of sunshine, bitter cold winds blowing a gale and the mad downpours of large white hailstones to set the car alarms off.

We kicked off Monday by diving straight into our Walking with the Dinosaurs DVD. This has been watched over and over again spanning several years. It was the first thing on W’s mind this morning and she sat snuggled beneath blankets with the twin sister A to watch it prior to any breakfast. Meanwhile, S and L slept on and I tidied the house from the demolition left from the evening before. That’s the thing with our unschooling lifestyle. It’s not a 9 to 3 set of hours. There’s still so much going on at 9pm, 10pm……

Today was our Board Game Group. One of the home ed Dad’s brought along Dungeon and Dragons and the usual MTG players had their first D & D game! L had a good time and is keen to play again. He has been kindly loaned a book to read up on and said it seems very complicated. Potentially we have another new interest.

S got to hang out and play some games with her buddy H and A and W floated from one thing to the next not too focused on board games today and seemingly far more full of beans.

We have a new magnetic calendar on the wall now to assist A’s and W’s concept of time. Strangely enough the date keeps changing to the 18th April which just happens to be the next twin birthday!

A has completed her new Monster High Puzzle with only a small bit of assistance out of eagerness to complete rather than lack of focus. It then became the carpet of a new Monster High House.


Dr Who is still on the menu, L is just loading up the next episode while I type. A and W are interested too.

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