Windy end to November

It’s definitely a windy end to November. But whilst the wind has been blowing a gale outside, things have been calmer inside since the Christmas Lists have been written. The underlying excitement is still there and it’s building now for the official countdown on the 1st. The advent calendar is now up, ready and waiting.

Total Home Day Wednesday with plans to go to the local museum and park exchanged for a play date at home instead. A, W and their two friends (L and J) mostly played MC together hooking up on a world for PVP battles. They were all happy.

Monster High’s are living the dream again with various structures taking over the house. It seems they’ve been built their largest square meterage yet. When not at home they’ve been rock climbing (swinging from the banisters).

We have managed a few more Nessy worksheets and a small amount of Khan Academy but I’d say 10 mins of each is the limit. Mostly it’s effort with the girls. They can actually read more than they do but it’s easier to ask me and actually they’re just not that keen on reading books. Speaking of books, I read aloud The Twits to them. It came with scratch and sniff stickers which neither A or W liked and it put them off the book. I remember The Twits from my own childhood and thought they might enjoy it given they like Matilda, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory etc but no, they did not like The Twits!

Meanwhile L has been working on English IGCSE Coursebook but is more interested in how to upgrade his PC for video gaming. He’s reading up on building vs buy off the rack.

S has been finalising bits for her Silver Arts Award as well as holding her own workshop on Friday. She did really well given she had three children of different personalities, ages and ability. It was the first time we got to see her printed comic. She’s done incredibly well. Full of imagination, colour, energy and talent. A attended the workshop along with her friend and meanwhile W played with her other two friends. Smooth.

As if that wasn’t enough action to kick start the weekend for S, she’s been performing all day, both days at the Victorian Festival of Christmas at the Historic Dockyard again this year. Hard work but lots of fun. Talk of revolving walls, carousels, caramelised nuts and hanging out with her friends.

Otherwise, we’re still pretty sedentary and using the TV. Viewing has included:

The Apprentice with it’s annoying candidates – what a crock of shit those teams put on for Children’s parties!

Colour: The Spectrum of Science where we made lots of Minecraft connections – Lapiz Lazuli the favourite colour of all colours!

Food programmes with Ainsley and Len, Nigella.

Nature/Animals with The Hunt: David Attenborough Documentary Series.

Star Wars Return of the Jedi. Will soon be time to watch the new movie. Exciting stuff!

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