Work around the Weather

It’s been a week of work around the weather which is hardly alien in the UK let’s be honest. Trips out have been smaller local ones to a few arts and crafts destinations and local car boot. We saw how a 3D printer works which was pretty cool. We’ll be going back hopefully for some crafty workshops.

We were rained off for a meet up with friends who blog at Adventures of 5 plus 1. We haven’t seen since them since the last time we lived here but we’ll re-arrange. Also rained off today from meeting friends at another National Trust property.  Boo to the rain.

New stuff to speak of with a different Multi Sports Session. This time in a leisure centre. The session offered Table Tennis, Badminton, Soft Play and the use of the equipment in the Gym for older kids. This all followed by half an hour in the pool for everyone. Parents can get involved, really great way to exercise along the kids. Could have done with a stunt double for this first session to manage the challenges that we have within our family but as is often the case it’s just me so we muddle on through doing the best we can. Ultimately it was a success. S who wasn’t intending on doing anything but swim so went along in her jeans, ended up using the cardio equipment in the gym and thought it would be a cool place to work. L used the cardio machines including the treadmill which was a first. A and W weren’t interested in Badminton or Table Tennis opting to use the floor space instead for cartwheel practice and then the climbing opportunities in the Soft Play Area. We all went swimming, including me. Looking forward to the next session now.

At home S has been mostly in her room but tasked with some drawing of cards. She is the family artist and thus the greeting card maker! She’s been working in charcoal. Can’t show them they haven’t reached their recipients yet.

L has been attached to his new X Box One. Fifa 16 and Star Wars Battle Front. Completely different from his usual gaming. He hasn’t touched his PC in days.

A and W are currently interested in the Indiana Jones movies.

They’re still keen on reading their own books at bed time but we’ve been sharing when they can’t read themselves. Extreme Weather seems to be the current topic of interest. Anything Tornado, Hurricane, Typhoon, related. Also Sand Storms since watching Indie. Sink Holes have come up too. Anything with a bit of wow factor it seems.

Education City trial has continued also. We might subscribe but Twin Dad is back for the next 4 days and there is other fun to be had.

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